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Hi there! My name is Margarita Marti and on this page you can find the latest updates on the projects I am running. I love painting, learning and being creative!  This site is specifically for the books I write.

Before I move on, I want to apologize for any grammatical and syntax errors. English are my second language. My mother language is Greek and in fact I speak a dialect of Greek which is only found in Cyprus.

As for Cyprus, It’s a small island in the mediterranean sea. I am only mentioning it, because many people do not know where is Cyprus.

I am an elementary school teacher, working at Cypriot schools since 2009. I always had a craving for art  and that is why after I graduated form the University of Cyprus, I decided to study something more creative but still relevant to my subject. To be more specific I studied “Creative Arts in Education-Visual Arts” at the University of Exeter and I have a Master degree on this course.

As for the book “It’s ok to be Different”, I am going to say that it’s a short story about children who each of them has something special.

Why I decided to write this book:

When we are children, because we experience everything for the first time, our reaction in more intense.

If we have an issue, for example a learning difficulty, we get hurt, feel bad and wish that we were like the rest. Of course, as  we get older, we get used to the bad situations and we don’t react as badly as we used to. We become sort of immune.

However, many people, including me, we carry inside us the feeling that we do not fit, (for whatever reason), that we are not good enough, that we are not like the rest physically or mentally and all starts from that point of our life, where we felt that this is bad, that being different is bad.

Should we start celebrating our differences, we would avoid the feeling of inadequesy that follows many people throughout their life.

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Margarita Marti

Margarita Marti